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A trailer is a piece of equipment with wheels that is pulled by a motorised vehicle. Trailers can be used for both personal and commercial applications to transport different types of products, including fluids, trash, machinery, construction materials, agricultural products, sports gear or even animals among others. There are different types of trailers available for sale in any given city or town. When in need of a cheap trailer, you should know that there are many types of used box trailers for sale.

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Types of Trailers

Trailers come in different sizes and shapes, and they are also used for different functions. Depending on your budget, the task at hand and the type of vehicle you intend to use, you must carefully choose the most appropriate trailer to purchase. When in need of used hauliers, used box trailers for sale may be the perfect option.

Box trailers

These trailers are also known as dry van trailers. In this type of trailer, the items being transported are enclosed within the container, hence protected from harsh weather conditions. They come in different lengths ranging from 23 to 53 feet. A curtain side trailer is a type of trailer similar to the box trailer which has sliding doors on the sides to allow for quick loading and off-loading, hence convenient for multiple-stop deliveries.

Flatbed trailers

A flatbed is the same as the box type except for the fact that it is not enclosed on either side. It is mostly used for hauling of heavy loads. This may include heavy machinery, construction equipment, vehicles and loaded containers. To ensure that these trailers operate within the set 13 feet height standard for cargo, flatbeds are continuously modified into different shapes, such as lowboy, stretch drop trailers, goose-neck or drop-deck trailers.

Refrigerated Trailers

This is just a variation of the dry van trailer that is made of different materials and comes with a refrigeration system. This type of trailer is sometimes referred to as a Reefer. It is used in the transportation of frozen or perishable goods, such as flowers, vegetables, medicine, fruits, milk and meat among others.

Tanker Trailers

Tankers are used to transport gases and liquids. They are normally cylindrical in shape to increase strength as well as conform with fluid dynamics. However, there are also specialised tankers for transportation of dry matter. They are usually modified to fit the product being transported, so they are often hauled using modified flatbed trailers with perimeter additions.

Specialised Trailers

They are normally meant for personal use. They include motorcycle trailers, boat trailers, powered trailer mover, travel trailers as well as livestock trailers among others. They are small in size and can be hooked to the back of a pick-up truck, sedan, motorcycle or even pulled by hand.

How to Find Used Box Trailers

Procuring a trailer should not be a difficult, but you need to be cautions to avoid getting into dubious deals. Any used trailer should be more affordable compared to new trailers, be be sure to inspect a trailer and compare prices before spending your hard earned cash.